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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Detailed SWTOR Crafting Post on Sithlogisms

As I am brand spanking new to Star Wars: The Old Republic and it's economy I look to those who have more knowledge than myself. Such is the case with the blog Sithlogisms. I was made aware of this blog today via comment.

I've started to dig into the posts there and wanted to let make our readers aware of it so they could too. Below is an excerpt from their post entitled "The IPO: Decisions Made, Artifice It Is". Be sure to head over and read the full post.

Everyone who uses a lightsaber will need modification parts for it. Pretty much how it's going to go. Since that's what Artifice does, investing in Artifice as your chief money-maker means that you're investing in the Sith market. As Sith Inquisitors and Warriors level up and get new gear, you're going to be the guy who supplies them with the precious, precious parts and mods that they'll need to keep killing Republic scum. There are currently two (as far as I could figure out) different sorts of 'saber parts that you'll be making:
  • Color Crystals  
  • Hilts

Thanks to Adam J Bomb for dropping such large SWTOR econ knowledge bombs on us (seewhutididthere?). Reading this post gives me hope and gets me excited for my further explorations in the SWTOR economy. If you want more SWTOR econ info from Sithlogisms be sure to check out their other IPO posts.


  1. Wow, thanks for the support! To be completely honest, I feel as much in the dark as I'm sure you do. Here's hoping that more of us can start getting this TOR economy blog community rolling! Great work so far, btw!

  2. @Adam J Bomb I may be near max-level in my WoW Gold-Making skill but my SWTOR credit-making skill is still level 1.

    Luckily we're all in this together.