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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is The SWTOR Galactic Trading Network UI Unusable?

So I has my first night playing SWTOR last night. I was playing alongside a friend and I honestly don't even know what level I ended up at. I was having so much fun I didn't even bother to look.

Since this is a blog about the SWTOR economy my personal experience last night doesn't really have too much to add to that. I saw mailboxes. I was able to sell vendor trash. I got 399 Cr. I haven't yet encountered the "Galactic Trading Network".

I did however run across some comments about the SWTOR Galactic Trading Network on reddit and I'll share those with you after the jump.

Below are a few of the comments that redditors on the /r/SWTOR subreddit left that related to the Galactic Trading Network in SWTOR.

It should be noted that these are comments by those who have played further into the game than I have.

  • Feartheflames: "Pro: I love the crafting system Con: I hate with a burning passion the abomination that is Galactic Trading."
  • Twinravens: "Want to find an item by name, say some random crafting item? FUCK YOU! Want to quickly see the prices on something you're trying to sell in a single click like other MMO's? FUCK YOU!"
  • youshallhaveeverbeen: "They MUST fix this. It's bad enough that I can't shift+click an item to populate the field, but half the time I have a hard time typing in the name of what I'm looking for.That said, the game is amazing. I love it."
  • mixmax2: "Can't Quickly search for items by name. Can't quickly post specific stacks of items instead of painstakingly splitting them manually while populating your chatbox with links of the items x 100. The deposit to list an item goes up with the asking price you post as buyout for the item regardless of whether or not you sell it or what the item is. THIS IS HORRIBLE, you can't even try to sell things unless you KNOW they will sell because you lose a lot of currency just posting the damn things." (Other commentors noted that you DO get your deposit back if it doesn't sell. You don't if you cencel your item.)
  • thebigmack: "Personally, I find nobody seems to use it. I put up the pretty cheap items and they always get sent back."
  • emiller5220: "It's the interface, it's not good. Either they need to give it some intensive & immediate TLC or allow modders to build a better future for the GTN"
So it seems from those who are using the Galactic Trading Network that the user interface, at least for experienced sellers, is a bit of a nightmare. Like I said I personally have not had the chance to look it over (hoping to make it to one today) but if it is as unusable as the above commentors seem to imply than it could make for a frustrating experience for players and sellers alike.

Have you used the Galactic Trading Network yet? If so what were your own experiences? How could Bioware improve it? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It's as bad as they say. To be able to search for something, you need to know the categories it lives under [main and sub].
    You then can't search by name until you've done a full search across that initial criteria.

    Want to post multiples of the items? You have to do each individually.

    It really isn't set up for power sellers.
    [I wonder what we should call Goblins in the TOR universe...]

  2. @Baberth Thanks for that (unfortunate) confirmation. I suppose it is a bit of a stretch to compare a brand new game to a game with 6 years of development (first party and addon).

    I'm sure they are more worried about keeping the servers up and hunting bugs than building us the perfect AH UI. Still, other games have done a decent job right out of the gate.

    Are they allowing UI addons? If so that could alleviate many of the current issues.

    What to call credit-makers? Hmm.. Smugglers/Bounty Hunters sound fairly greedy to me. I personally like "Profiteers" but I'm not sure if there are more greedy characters in Star Wars. I loved the greed I got to show in the starting Bounty Hunter quests.

    "Hutts" would be a fun one. "I am flux the Hutt. Bow before my wealth! Ohhh oh oh. Ahhh ah."

  3. There are no addons at launch, though there may eventually be.

    The Galactic Trade Network is horrible. Everything negative that has been said here is true, and I'm sure there are a bunch more criticism that can be made as well.

    Although I have no suggestions for sobriquets for high-rollers, I'd like to suggest "Jawas" in place of "goblins." Both about the same size and of the same puntability (slightly less than gnomes).

  4. A little research shows the Toydarians are the potential Goblin equivalent. But they are abominations.

    I second the Jawas - they're more opportunistic wheelers and dealers, while Hutts are more criminal gang lords in perceived role.

    You'd think that Bioware, with all the care they've put into other aspects of the game, could have come up with something better than what they did for the GTN, though. It really seems like it was a last minute addition by someone who has never played the trading game. I vaguely remember even SWG's Bazaar system being better than this [although, that was capped on how much things sold for]
    Even the default WoW AH UI is infinitely more almost useable