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Monday, December 19, 2011

The TOR Economy: How Does It Even Work?

How does the in-game economy in TOR work? I have absolutely no idea. Well that isn't exactly true. After talking to a few folks I have a little idea. I'm going to be listing what I know at this moment about the in-game economy of Star Wars: The Old Republic simple to provide a marker post for how much I have to learn.

This post will contain the vague ideas about the TOR economy I've gleaned from a few conversations. I've tried looking on the SWTOR website for any information about the in-game economy but so far there isn't any readily accessible information of links on the economy I could find. Hop past the jump to marvel at my total lack of knowledge.

I Am An Empty Vessel

So lets break down the important thing I think I know about SWTOR's economy.

1) The currency is called "Credits".
This is a good thing to know. This will allow me to more easily search and replace the word "gold" with the word "credits" inold PW:G posts to turn them into new content.

This also means we need to pick a new ascii symbol to represent credits. Let me google search that.... how about "Ç"? I like it. From how on all currency will now be marked with the ascii symbol Ç which according to http://www.ascii-code.com/ is "Latin capital letter C with cedilla"!

You can make this symbol on a Windows computer by holding ALT and typing 128 on your numberic keypad then letting go of ALT. If you use a Mac you're screwed.

Testing..."I just sold a [Lazer Blaster if Epeeness] for 3500Ç!"

I like it. Sorted.

2) There is an auction house in the game.
Someone who has played the game has told me this and it makes me very happy.

3) There is a way to break items down into crafting materials.

4) You can have your companions go off and do things like gather materials to do crafting.
Interesting. I suppose this may be their version of farming crafting materials? Don't know if there are things like resource nodes in the game etc.

5) You can craft items in the game.
Good. This may be good depending on how powerful the items are.

6) There are "bind on equip" items in the game.
This is a good sign. This may mean that items like this can be sold on some sort of auction house system.

7) There are crappy "green" quality items that drop for the player.
Par for the course.

And that's about as much as I was able to glean from the mind grapes of the few people I was able to talk to who are in the pre-release game.

What Does It Mean?

So from the above information I can surmise that we will have ways to gain credits (remember Ç!). We may have ways to use credits to buy items on an auction house. We will be able to gain materials in some way and craft items and some of those may be bind-on-equip. We may be able to sell dropped items on an auction house.

So this means that we may have an economy with the necessary working parts in order to produce some sort of in-game economy.

If the above points are fairly accurate then it seems that SWTOR is hewing very close to the MMO standard as far as in-game economy goes. Seems like a reasonable thing to do. If it isn't broken why fix it?

So now you know exactly how much knowledge I have about the TOR economy. Impressive I know. that said, I can't wait to start the search for more in-depth information on the TOR economy and maybe get the chance to get into the game and explore it for myself.

To infinity, and beyond!! (That's from Star Wars, right?)


  1. #1) The symbol for credits in-game looks like a number "7" with a line through it.
    #2) The AH is called the Galactic Marketplace (or something like that)and is not yet terribly feature-rich.
    #3) You can only disassemble items of a type you can craft.
    #4) The only caveat about sending your companions on gathering missions is that sending them out costs credits. You can easily gather yourself into the poorhouse.
    #5) You don't actually craft ANYTHING. All crafting is done by your companions. Which is nice, since you get to go run around and have fun while they make stuff. You CAN, however, queue up each companion to craft up to 5 items, regardless of the amount of time it takes to craft each item.
    #6) There are LOTS of BoEs in the game. LOTS.
    #7) ^ this.

    So far, I'm making the most money on lowbie crystals for Artifice crafting. I cannot post a stack of Rubat Crystals (at a reasonable price) without them selling out. Harder-to-attain resources (purple-grade resources) which have a much lower supply should have a higher price than they actually sell for, but the demand for them is crap.


  2. @Adam J Bomb Thanks for the detailed info. I've yet to make it to a GTN. What level do/where do you gain access to it?

    Once I actually was able to get into the game I noticed the "7" symbol. Decided to use "Cr" for now since I can't really find an ascii similar to "7".

    I like Jawas or Hutts. Ooooo Keee Keee!

    I'm adding Sithlogisms as the first blog on our blogroll. Yay! I have a lot to learn.

  3. *lol* You're not screwed if you're using a Mac. We Mac users got a specific key for it.
    i.e.: ò + shift = ç. :)

  4. @Maddy Thanks for that. I was being a bit playful when I said that. I just didn't take the time to look it up. (How do you make a ò? Surely it's not on my US English Mac keyboard. ;)